Ubud Raya Riverside


First KRI Professional Teacher Trainer of Indonesian origin, and Level 3 Kundalini Yoga Teacher (expected in 2022).

Yoga & Wellness retreat leader, certified as a Holistic Health practitioner, Life Coach, Breathwork & Ice Bath facilitator, Labour & Postpartum doula, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Yoga & Meditation teacher, with major specializations are Scravelli-inspired Hatha Yoga and KRI Kundalini Yoga (see list below), along with additional training in Addiction Recovery, Cancer Prevention, Children Yoga and Prenatal Yoga

School Administrator at Vocational ESL School, with a consortium of the US Save the Children Federation & The Experiment in International Living and was with the Resettlement Division of the UNHCR Field Office at Pulau Galang Refugee Camp.