Ubud Raya Riverside



Pole Sport Instructor, Aerial Arts Instructor, Dancer & Artist, Choreographer & Show Designer

Public Speaker & Costume Designer

She fell in love with dancing when she was little and has never stopped since. Dance has always been essential to her life and ignited a passion for movement, music and flow that is burning brighter than ever.

Pole Dance and Aerial Arts are the disciplines closest to her heart. The circus community is beautifully creative, supportive, and thriving all across the globe.

Teaching internationally and traveling while doing so gives her joy. It makes her even more happy when she meets students again somewhere else in the world and sees how they have grown artistically.

“My true love is flow! I aim to create a safe and nurturing environment to practices safely. I want my students to experience the beauty of flow and the cross-disciplinary connection that it creates.”

From her love for aerial flourished a circus inspired jewelry and bodysuit line and the love for costume design. On top of costumes design she also creates comfortable and eco-friendly beachwear.