Ubud Raya Riverside

Reward Yourself Well in The Nature

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Bali, Indonesia

Ubud Raya Riverside

Value the union of true essence of enlightenment, awakening, and healing further, in the comfort of our thoughtfully designed and commodious five modern-feel wooden rooms, intimate pool, and the warmth of our sincere courtesy.

All is as imagined what your soul and healing journey would be.

Discover this in Ubud Raya Riverside, a pure Balinese wellness and retreat centre in Ubud, Bali’s holistic charming little town, where you can reward yourself with a journey within in the nature.


Bali’s Healing Community and Retreat Center

In Hindu terminology, the word “tattva” is more accurately defined as the basis of belief. The thought must be believed to be true. There are five basic tattvas; earth, water, fire, air, and sky.

Each has corresponding symbols, colors, and chakras. Earth is associated with muladhara (root chakra), water is associated with svadisthana (sacra chakra), fire is with with manipura (the third chakra), air with anahata (heart chakra), and sky with visuddha (throat chakra).

The five tattvas are present everywhere and having them balanced in the body is essential to one’s health. Practicing yoga is the best way to balance the five tattvas, gaining higher levels of consciousness and spiritual fulfillment.

The initial purpose of this healing, community center, and retreat center is to introduce yoga and meditation deeper to a wider community who love to experience their spiritual journey in Bali, to teach self-healing combined with strong Balinese spiritual tradition.

The teachers at Tattva Ubud are experts in their respective fields, proudly locally sourced, with international experiences and certifications such as in Kundalini, Asana, Vinyasa, energy medicine healing which includes energy massage, remove energy blockages, sound healing, and all kinds of healing music like flute meditation hypnotherapy, yoga dances, and soul dance.

We strongly believe through good energies, vibrations, and spiritualism, you would reach a better mindful-life.

Balinese unique Suite

Be in peace during your wellness journey with us and enhance it by staying at our spacious stylish suites, displaying wooden materials, Balinese architectural details, and modern tropical living. All blend well into Ubud setting.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

"Create healthy habits, not restrictions."



DETOX HEALING AND PURIFICATION RETREAT 7D6N/USD 1399 Accommodation Full cleanse detox menu Daily Yoga session (hatha, vinyasa, aerial) Water healing purification Journaling Three types of herbal massage Colonic session Tour

COUPLE RETREAT WEEKEND PROGRAM 3 DAYS 2NIGHTS  USD 560/person A three days yoga retreat in a lush natural setting, offering a balanced program, of wellness and relaxation. You and partner

SELF LOVE WELLNESS WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN 3DAYS 2NIGHTS USD 460 /person Take a deep dive into selfcare and love with yoga, walking meditation and breathing technique. We will immerse ourself